Informatica Powercenter 10.4.1 Basics – Install Server

The Informatica Powercenter is a 4 post series, see all posts clicking here.

Before installing Informatica powercenter client (such as the informatica powercenter designer) you need to install the Informatica Powercenter server. Here I show how.

Go to the files you have downloaded and find this path:


Double click install.exe.

On step 6, if you are using SQL SERVER like me, make sure that your TCP IP connection is enabled.

The user can be SA or any user with CONNECT, CREATE TABLE, and CREATE VIEW privileges. Read more about it here:–before-you-install-the-services/prepare-for-application-services-and-databases/model-repository-service/microsoft-sql-server-database-requirements.html

A key point here is to create a login named infa with password infa, it will be used here in the domain and later in the Repository Services.

Remember to re-start your SQL services if you had to enable your TCP/IP protocol.

I’m using password Administrator@1 here.

Here I’m using password Administrator.

Also uncheck second checkbox (will appear checked by default).

Uncheck the default option.

Once installation is completed you will see this:

Click on the DESKTOP link to open your Informatica Powercenter page.

Use Administrator / Administrator to log in.

For some reason my REP wasn’t working properly. So I deleted it an created a new one, like this:

More on how to create a new rep can be found on informatica documentation here:

And after that check this:

According to the documentation the REP should be in normal mode. More on this here:

Same process can be done to create an IS.

Here, again, my IS wasn’t working, so I had to recreate. Here’s how I did it.

Here’s the catch. You need to provide Administrator / Administrator as your username / password, not your DB credentials, at least that’s how it worked for me.

More on IS here:

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