Informatica Powercenter – Source Qualifier Trasformation

Here’s what the official documentation says about Source Qualifier transformation: The Source Qualifier transformation represents the rows that the Integration Service reads when it runs a session. The Source Qualifier transformation is an active transformation. So, Source Qualifier happens when you drag a source to the mapping designer. Here’s our source: Here’s what happens whenContinuar lendo “Informatica Powercenter – Source Qualifier Trasformation”

Informatica Powercenter – Display Language

So, I’ve been trying to change my Informatica Powercenter display language from Portuguese to English, however I never could find a decent way of doing this trough reg or properties file editing, so I end up doing the normal way, which is, changing your Windows’ Region format . Here’s a print screen using my computer,Continuar lendo “Informatica Powercenter – Display Language”

Informatica Powercenter – Expression Transformation

First post of the many to be on Informatica Powercenter, starting right with Expression Transformation. In this scenario our goal is to get data from a flat file, transform it using expressions and then load into our database the result of that transformation. First, we need: a source, then a target, then this target needsContinuar lendo “Informatica Powercenter – Expression Transformation”

Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification

So, I’m trying to put some study together in order to get Powercenter Data Integration certified. I have done some searching in the past and Informatica documentation is not like Microsoft’s one, it looks like a bit more complicated. Link: Note: here’s a guide on Informatica Powercenter first steps, including installation. Test TopicsContinuar lendo “Informatica PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification”