Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 03 – Part 1

Chapter 03 – Extracting Integrating all the different data sources are usually one of the biggest challenges the ETL team faces, and without data there is not data warehouse. In this chapter Kimball teach us how to interface with those various source systems, how to create your logical data map and how to deal withContinuar lendo “Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 03 – Part 1”

Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – ETL Data Structures In this chapter Kimball start once again talking about staging data, which he says that (sic) in this context staging means writing to disk. He also reminds us that they recommend 4 staging points, between each major steps of the ETLS (ECCD). This chapter focus on describing general designContinuar lendo “Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 02”

Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 01

Hello everyone, I’m trying to improve my english skills, so from now on I will try to in english write as much as possible. I’m also reading Kimballs’ and Casertas’ “The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit”, and here I will post my chapters summaries. Hope it can help you like its helping me 🙂 — ChapterContinuar lendo “Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit – Chapter 01”